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Reach for the skies at the High Ropes! Your mission – to manoeuvre your way through multiple mid-air challenges on our two-tier course!

You’ll need strength, stamina and agility as well as the confidence to face the challenge… are you ready?

The High Ropes are an optional activity which is only available to participants by purchasing a High Ropes ticket in addition to your Mission Out Park tickets. To reduce queueing and improve the experience, the High Ropes will be managed through timed slots, participants will be able to choose this at the time of their booking, subject to availability.

Safety Instructions

  • Min. height: 130cm (4ft 2)
  • Max. height is 193cm (6ft 3)
  • Anyone not falling into these heights cannot participate in this activity
  • Max. weight: 120kg (19st)
  • Minimum age 6 and above
  • No access unless supervised by a high ropes instructor
  • You must attend the safety briefing before taking part
  • Protective equipment must be worn
  • Please do not detach at any time
  • Please remove any loose items
  • Unsuitable if a medical condition affects your ability
  • Strenuous activity with risk of injury

The High Ropes Practice Course

Are you ready to challenge yourself and conquer new heights?

Our High Ropes Practice Course is designed to prepare you for the ultimate high-flying experience. Whether you’re a seasoned adrenaline junkie or a first-time adventurer, this course will build your confidence and hone your skills before taking on the real deal.

Our experienced instructors will be by your side, providing expert guidance and support. They will teach you proper techniques, demonstrate safety protocols, and offer valuable tips to ensure an enjoyable experience.

For the safety of all participants, completion of our High Ropes Practice Course is a requirement before embarking on the full high ropes experience.

High Ropes FAQs

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How do I book for the High Ropes?
Do I have to book for The High Ropes?
Do I have to pay for The High Ropes?
Do I have a designated time slot for The High Ropes?
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